Engineering unstructured data intelligence for real-world event authoring, extracting, representing, and reasoning

Proprietary Framework. Reasoning Infrastructure. Data Enrichment. Learned Context. Computed Causality. Compounding Knowledge.

Prechelon's natural language and machine learning tools process complex streams of unstructured data to surface richer context so users can better explain and anticipate real-world events and future outcomes. Our data solutions augment users with representation, integration, and reasoning tools for powering compounding computes about what happened, why it happened, and what might happen.

What We Do?

Build data intelligence to automate real-world event understanding
Powering smarter connections, context and query capabilities.

China tests e-CNY in Shenzhen. Schiaparelli lander fails. Mine collapse in Chile. G7 intervention in Japan. Wirecard insolvency in Germany.

We engineer data level solutions to help clients ID the atomic facts and explanatory dependencies that maximize their computational odds of surfacing the most actionable decision contexts for explaining the event and predicting the real-world and real-capital flows.

We help your machines speak macro linguistics™

Our data tools give real-world event dependent decision makers vital machine learning and memory augmentation to avoid sub-optimal inferences about the entities, intentions, and futures affecting their critical workflow decisions.

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Why Context?

Narratives frame our worldview
Prechelon is building the translater.

Formalized understanding intelligence feeding smarter context computes

Prechelon hyperpowers expert-level cognitive connection with formalized data enrichment methods that accelerate machine reasoning about real-world event causality at scale and in near real-time.

We help your machines distill a thousand points of view

Prechelon's real-world event data environment equips users with the analytical intelligence to help mitigate the decision chaos that ensues when confronting the complexity of worsening signal overload. Our data capabilities give your experts an integrated human-in-the-loop framework for generating dynamic and actionable real-world event understanding.

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How We Do It?

Build a more dynamic context representation
To compute real-world event understanding.

A data factory outfitted with the analytical tools to converge on expert

Our proprietary learning architecture scales across an array of unstructured data types to ID the contextual intelligence users need to compute real-world event understanding and feed higher-value knowledge automation tasking.

A proprietary data shield for real-world event knowledge synthesis and generation

For experts, context resides in their calculation. Prechelon’s proprietary specialized framework gives users a back-to-front modular unstructured data infrastructure for generating actionable data types powering new kinds of decision augmentation and knowledge automation. Our data fuel makes context computes more invariant to optimized distortion designed to exploit human volume and veracity limitations.

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Why Now?

Increasingly sophisticated noise
We help clients reconcile digital and physical realities.


Data augmentation is now a baseline intelligence requirement for filtering through the tsunami of diverging facts, authorities, and attributions to detect providence distortions and faux ambiguities. These gaps are opaque, actionable, and widening. Finding them in actionable time requires the new unstructured data tools we are building.


Future active and passive investments, along with the risk architecture surrounding them, require new kinds of proprietary data intelligence capability to generate data differentiation and high-value process automation at the speed of smart.


Smarter digital infrastructures are ushering in new and unforeseen data types that require innovative and flexible risk processing architectures.


Proprietary data factories create differentiated intelligence for feeding high-value knowledge and risk automation across financial services, information services, and other real-world event verticals.

Data Solutions

Event Server

Real-world event data factory [Kadesh™] for integrating, aggregating, enriching, representing, and reasoning about complex streams of unstructured data.

Data Query

Explain the current context and anticipate probable future real-world event likelihoods using internally generated high-value data.

Data Signal

Actionable alerts about real-world events.

Data Authenticate

Computational inference for overcoming velocity and improving veracity.

Data Generation

High-value internally generated data feeding explanatory real-world event understanding computes [query], proprietary risk metrics and knowledge automation.

Data Solutions

Bespoke expert domain knowledge computation.

Our Industries

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions require new computational methods to generate differentiated insights. Prechelon's data factory helps investment, risk, and digital managers build compounding differentiation to escape reflexing to the mean. More explanatory unstructured data intelligence feeds smarter contextual analysis, more comprehensive risk tracking, and higher value generation efficiencies.

Information Services

A cross-section of language and learning technologies now forms the hub for locating breaking events, augmenting causal analysis and validating facts. Generative technologies amplify the need for analytical augmentation. Prechelon’s real-world event pipeline helps information and media providers overcome shrinking distance to an event with superior computational context distances.

Data Use Cases

Financial Institutions

Investment signal; risk management; decision support; investment research; digital risk; veracity; language understanding.

Information Services

Real-world event understanding augmentation; advanced analytics; digital risk; data veracity; language understanding; bespoke domain.